How Do I Delete A Family?

Families can be deleted if the family has no active data in the system. Active data could be data from any of the modules in use by your school or organization. If you do not see a family listed as eligible for removal, that means they have data elsewhere in the system that is still active.

To delete a family:

  1. Select Families>Delete Families from the menu
  2. Locate the family you would like to delete in the grid
    • You can sort the grid by clicking the titles of the columns at the top
    • You can use the page controls at the bottom of the grid to navigate through the list of families
  3. Click the corresponding checkbox of the family you would like to delete in the right column
    • If you change pages, you will lose your selection
    • Make sure to delete all selected records before navigating to a new page
  4. Click the Delete Selected Families button to delete families from the system