How Do I Recalculate Family Billing?

If you are using the weekly or monthly rates and don't always get your attendance recorded in a timely fashion, you might end up with some discrepancies in your charges. If that is the case, you can use the steps below to refresh a families check in records. This will remove all attendance charges and then work through all the check in records in chronological order, issuing new charges.
  1. Select Billing>Family Billing from the menu
  2. Select the family you want to recalculate using the Family box
  3. After selecting a family, review the attendance records to make sure you've selected the correct one. Click the Recalculate All Records button at the bottom of the page to continue.
  4. When prompted, click Yes to confirm
  5. This final step may take some time to run depending on the size of the family, but when it completes you will be back on the page you saw in step #2. The family's attendance will be updated and the corresponding charges for their attendance will have changed. You can review the changes to family attendance in the grid.
If you do not see the results you were expecting after completing these steps, you may need to review the check in records again. The recalculation takes the stored times and rate for every check in and reissues charges that the system deems correct. If you expected a change that you are not seeing, double check the times and/or rate for the check in records in question.