Free and Reduced Lunch

Free and Reduced lunch is handled using price levels. Use the following steps to create and configure your price levels:
  1. Select Setup>Price Levels>Create Price Level Names from the menu
  2. This page will allow you to rename 5 custom price levels and rename the Free Lunch price level if you wish. Using price levels is an easy way for you to set variable pricing for groups of people in your system (i.e. teacher discounts or grade school vs. high school pricing). If you need to make changes to any of these names, do so and click the Update button when you are finished.
  3. Select Setup>Price Levels>Assign Price Levels from the menu
  4. This is the page where you assign any of the students in your system to their respective price level. Select the desired price level using the box at the top of the page, click on the corresponding boxes for each of the students you want to assign, and click Assign Selected when you are finished.
  5. Any students you assign to the Free/Reduced price level will see a cost of $0 for every item on their form
If you want to use one of the custom price levels, you will need to set the cost for each of your items that use that price level. Follow the steps below to set those costs.
  1. Select Menu Building>Food Items from the menu
  2. Choose one of your items that will use a custom price level and click the corresponding button from the Edit column. If you are adding a new item, click the Add New Item button from the top of the page.
  3. The default amount that will be charged for this item is set in the Sell Price box. To set a different price, add it into the boxes listed in the Price Levels row.
Make sure and set the prices for any price level you plan to use or else they will default to $0.