How Do I Accept Daily Orders?

There are multiple ways to collect orders daily:
#1- Build your order form and then activate the rolling cut-off mechanism. This will allow families to continue to order items after a form has closed. They will only be able to order items that are a designated number of days ahead of the current day. Follow the steps below to access these features:
  1. Select Menu Order Forms from the menu to view all your current forms
  2. If you are adding a new form, click the button at the top of the page. If you are adding this feature to an existing form, select the corresponding button from the Edit column. 
  3. Fill out the date information on the first page and click the Next button when you are finished
  4. Under the Changes, Late Orders, & Late Fees section: check the box marked Allow Changes After Cut Off Date, leave your Cut Off Interval set to Days, and set your Days Out To Allow Change to 0. This will allow families to open this form and order any items available tomorrow or later. 
#2- You could create individual daily order forms. Those would also close at midnight the night before food is set to be served.
Note: Families are not allowed to access an order form on the same day lunch is being served because if they could do that then it would be possible for them to remove items and give themselves credit for items served.

#3- If your teachers are willing to place lunch orders for the students in their classroom, there is a way for teachers to sign into the system and add orders to student forms. If you are interested, contact Orgs Online to activate this feature.