Lunch Order Email Confirmation

Confirmations are emailed each time an order is placed. Email confirmations are sent as a courtesy notice, and are not always delivered due to spam filters. The real confirmations appear on-screen -- in several places.  Details are as follows:

  • After successfully submitting a lunch order, families immediately see an on-screen confirmation showing what was ordered
  • The VIEW ORDERS link on the family site shows the family all orders that were recorded into their account at anytime
  • If families want a printed list showing what they ordered, they can select Print Orders By Family or Print Orders By Student from the navigation menu on the family site
  • Additionally the View Payments link shows payment records. If payment was successful a record will display under that link and the Current Balance will automatically adjust to reflect the payment

If someone is not seeing their email confirmation, they should may be able to white list or approve emails coming from the domain This will stop the any confirmation emails from being flagged as spam.

Confirmations are sent for convenience, Not proof

Email confirmations are sent as basic text to make sure they are readable on a wide variety of devices and conform to all email security standards. This also makes it very simple to alter order quantities and forward an altered email to lunch administrators. An email confirmation should never be taken as absolute certainty. The reports on the admin site will give you accurate numbers for the orders currently in your system. Always trust your reports over an email confirmation when dealing with any potential ordering disputes.