How Do I Add Premium Features To My Sports System?

Premium features include enhancements such as:
  • An email mechanism that lets you send email to families using the sports registration system
  • Lets you issue charges (with your online registration forms) and collect payments for each player registration
  • Provides built-in bookkeeping tools to easily record payments submitted by families
  • Automatically tracks the balance for each family's registrations and payments,
  • Instantly generated reports showing account balances, as well as, any unpaid registrations
  • Plus, an open balance email mechanism to easily notify families with unpaid balances. 
Premium features can be added to your system for a nominal fee of $1 per registration. For example: If your basketball registration fee is normally $25, then if you make it $26 you will cover the $1.00 fee charged by Orgs Online which is not billed to the school until after parents have already registered. That means by the time Orgs Online issues a billing for Premium Feature registrations, you will have already collected the extra $1 with each registration. 

Premium Features also include an option to require payment. This feature requires families to pay for each player registration. Unpaid registrations will not be counted, and the player will not be assigned to a team. To activate the require payment feature your sports registration system also needs to accept online payments.  Adding online payment capability is readily available, and when you use the convenience fee option (included with the premium features), the cost incurred to process online payments can be paid by families when they submit an online payment.

All you need do to activate premium features is is send us an email requesting activation. We can activate your premium features the same day.  If also interested in adding online payment capability or the require payment option, let us know and we'll contact you with setup details. (Note: Adding online payment capability is not hard to setup, however it typically takes about 10 business days to get it activated)