How Do I Assign Students To Teachers, Grades, Lunch Periods, or Rooms?

Students grade, home room, and lunch period all originates from their teacher assignment. Making sure that your teacher information is up to date by selecting Teachers>View/Edit Teacher List from the menu. You can correct any information on this page using the corresponding button from the Edit column.

Once your teacher information is accurate, you can assign students to teachers using the following steps:

  • Select Teachers>Assign Teachers from the menu
  • Choose the teacher you want to assign from the Teacher To Assign box at the top of the page
  • Select the students you want to assign by clicking the corresponding check box in the left column
  • When you have finished selecting students, click the Assign button at the top of the page to save your selection

Depending on your lunch program, you might not need every single one of your teachers in the system. For example, if you only need to run reports by lunch period, you could just create a teacher record for each one of your lunch periods, naming the teachers Lunch Period 1, Lunch Period 2, Lunch Period 3, and Lunch Period 4. You can them assign your students to the correct lunch period using the same steps outlined above. This will not give you the additional options of running reports by grade or homeroom, but if the lunch period is sufficient for your program then this method can save you some time.

All student lunch reporting is based off the student's current teacher assignment. This gives you the flexibility to change assignment during the year and allows you to find the lunch reporting that works best for your organization.