How Do I Delete A Student?

To delete a student:
  1. Select Students>View All Students from the menu
  2. Locate the student that you would like to delete in the grid
    • You can select a Search Type at the top of the page to search for the student by first, last, or family name
    • You can use the page controls at the bottom of the grid to navigate through the list of students
  3. When you have located the student to delete, click the red icon in the Delete column on the far right of the grid
  4. You will be redirected to a confirmation page that will show you a summary of the selected student's data. Click the checkbox at the bottom of the page to confirm your choice, then click the Delete button.
During step 4, you may see a message informing you that you do not have sufficient permission to delete a student record. If this is the case, contact the head of your program about removing the student or granting you access. If you feel that this message has been received in error, please contact Orgs Online about your user account permissions.