How Do I Issue Lunch Credits?

The lunch credit tool lets you issue monetary credits to groups of students based on their assigned teacher. This tool can be useful in the event of snow days or unexpected field trips. The tool will issue a credit to each family equal to the value of their order for that day. It will not remove any items from orders. Follow the steps below to issue lunch credits:

  1. Select System Tools>Lunch Credits>Add Credits from the menu
  2. Choose the form you wish to credit using the Form box
  3. Select the date of the items that you want to credit using the Date control
  4. If you want to add in a description, type it into the Description box. The description can help inform families of the reason for the credit and help you differentiate between your credits.
  5. After you select your form and date, the grid will load a list of all teachers whose students have orders. Select the teachers that you want to credit using the check boxes in the right column of the grid.
  6. When you have finished making your selection, click the Issue Credits button at the bottom of the page