Payments: How Do I Change My Bank Info?

To change your online payment electronic checking bank account, click the ADD NEW CHECKING ACCOUNT option when you see the page that displays your current bank information. That will add the new bank information to your online payment account. 

If you select the ADD NEW ACCOUNT option, you can enter your bank account information again. NOTE: Take special care to make sure you enter the ROUTING NUMBER correctly. (That is the 9 digit number that appears between colon (:) marks at the start and end of the number. )

When entering new bank account name and numbers, give the new account a slightly different name from the 1st account.  That way you can easily distinguish the old from the new account when you come back next time to submit another payment.  

If the prior bank account needs to be deactivated, use the form below to submit your name,your school's name, and indicate which bank account needs to be deleted from your online payment account. 

Click the SEND EMAIL button to send the message to your school's lunch coordinator and the technical support support staff. Someone will review and reply by the next business day.