My Account: Can I PRINT my orders?

You can now print a copy of your order at anytime. 

To do so, access your online account then select the VIEW ORDERS option.   You will see what was recorded into your account for each order. 

After you access your account and you will see the PRINT icon.  Click on the PRINT icon for the desired order and you can print the order.  When the selected order displays you will see an option that says: Export To Selected Format (export)

Click on the arrow that appears to the right of the Export To Selected Format box.
Select the RICH TEXT FORMAT option
 -- then click on the word "export" which appears to the right of the selection box. 

You should see a pop-up box asking if you want to open the file with WORD (or whatever word-like document reader you use).  Select OK to open the report in your document reader. When the document opens you can then print it the same way you would any Word document. 

The file that displays can also be exported as a PDF file. 

If you save the file after you EXPORT the report, you can attach the WORD or PDF file to email and send to others if needed.