My Account: How Can I View My Order?

You can view your lunch order once it has been submitted as follows:

1) If your order is fully submitted access your lunch account and select the VIEW ORDERSoption. You will see a list of orders that have been fully submitted. Click on the VIEW option to see the selected order. 

2) If you select VIEW ORDERS and do not see your order listed, then click the ORDERS ON HOLD (if that option is offered).  ORDERS ON HOLD are orders that must be paid before they will be counted and served. You can see an ORDER ON HOLD, and you can change it and resubmit it. However it will not be counted as a lunch order and it will not be served unless payment is received on time.

3) If you do not see your order under either of the  above options, then it needs to be resubmitted -- if the ordering period is still open. 

4) If the ordering period is closed, then only your school's lunch coordinator can be of assistance.  Use the form below to enter your name,  your school name,  describe the problem. ...then click the SEND EMAIL button.