Ordering: How Do I Change An Order?

Here's what to do if you want to change a lunch order.....

If the current ordering period is still open and accepting orders, changes are permitted. However you need to access your account and submit the change before the ordering period closes. 

To do that log into your online lunch ordering account and proceed the same as if you were placing the order for the first time.  When you select the Place Order link you will see the Order Form as originally submitted. 

All you need to do is "change" the items you want revised, then resubmit the entire order.

To confirm that the change was accepted, access your account and select the VIEW ORDERSoption. When you select the order in question, you will see exactly what the system has recorded for that order. 

If you already paid for the item that is being removed, or if the revised order amount is less than the initial order amount for which you paid, then your account will automatically have a credit balance. If you have a credit balance, the credit will automatically by applied toward your next lunch order. 

If the ordering period has closed , then only the lunch staff can tell you if the order can be changed. (Usually they can not make changes if  food has already been ordered.)  Use the form below to enter your name,  your school name,  describe the problem . ...then click theSEND EMAIL button.